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Spa Avondale

Have you considered a spa in your Avondale backyard to liven up the mood? Here’s one of the questions we get:

How do I pick a spa builder? Isn’t every spa the same in its basic construction?

Avondale Pool Contractors enjoys a solid reputation for our unique construction practices and providing cutting-edge technology and constant customer communication. We believe in building the “best value” into every project.

After our project manager completes the design of your custom backyard living area with you, the plan is prepared for construction.  The CAD construction plans are created, and any special engineering is generated.  Our processing department, construction team and project manager review these plans together and then apply for permits.  The project is then painted on the ground followed by a site visit from your construction superintendent.  This is his first of many quality control inspections. The next phase of the process begins with the excavation of the pool, spa and any sunken bar areas.  We construct our spas with vertically excavated walls, create slight radius at the transition to the floor and flat floors.  This type of construction requires more steel and concrete but our customers find a larger, more usable spa.  

At Avondale Pool Contractors, we provide technology that helps reduce the cost of running, maintaining and using your spa.  We can offer control systems, multiple speed pumps, and sanitation systems that can benefit you for many years to come.  We are also continually searching for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our product.  LED pool and spa lights are now available and offer lower wattage than standard pool lights typically used in the industry.  You will get many more hours of usage before the light bulbs need to be changed.  The additional benefit to LED lights is that the customer has the ability to change the color of the pool water at night.  The LED lights come with an array of colors and color shows that can be upgraded to run by remote.

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