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Residential Pools Avondale

residential pool avondale

If you’re looking to build a residential pool in Avondale, we’ve given you important notes to consider:

Site Preparation: Prior to the actual pool being dug, it is very important that all important landscape material that is to be saved be marked and irrigation rerouted around the pool.  Often, it is necessary to pre-grade the yard and take out unwanted landscape material, concrete, and masonry that will be in the pool area.

SPECIAL NOTE: It is important to use a one-source outdoor specialist so that proper landscape drainage and grades are established for the entire yard. Excess dirt can be removed when the pool is dug, or excess dirt can be left for mounding and grade changes.  This saves money and avoids multiple contractors trying to get by without an overall vision of the space.

Excavation: Our excavation specifications include vertically excavated walls and flat floors, which create a safer, more enjoyable and spacious swimming pool than the industry norm. In some municipalities we can excavate prior to obtaining the permit.

Plumbing and Equipment: Our plumbers follow a detailed plan for the location of every feature, pool return and drain. You will notice that pipes are protruding out from the pool dig. These will be cut off near the end of construction and will finish flush to the final pool wall.

Steel Rebar: Steel rebar is installed in a grid pattern to reinforce the strength of the concrete shell. The vast majority of Arizona pool companies use standardized steel specifications driven with the belief that the least expensive is the best. But our steel specifications are developed and engineered for your pool, in your particular soil, with the unique load and stress of your pool design.

Electrical: Standard features include LED pool lights with remote-control capabilities, your selected timer and control panel will be placed with the equipment for daily pool system control.

BarriersIf you have not yet made your home and yard safe by installing the necessary barriers, now is a good time install these items. If barriers are included in your project then your construction coordinator will handle this for you. To view your city codes visit:

Concrete pool shell: In this phase, steps and benches are formed, spas take shape, and the pool begins to look like a pool. To add compaction strength to the concrete shell, our special mix will beat industry standards. The shell is a minimum thickness of six inches thick, and in coves and all stress areas, it’s a minimum of eight inches thick.

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