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Pool and Spa Remodels

Pool and Spa Remodels

If you’re looking to remodel your pool or spa in Avondale, here’s how we can help:

Gas Lines: In most cases your gas line will be installed and inspected after the concrete shell installation. If you have natural gas appliances permitted on your project, once the pool’s final inspection has passed, your gas company will schedule the hook up to the gas meter.  Typically, someone will need to be home for this to take place as the pilot light will need to be relit by the gas company.  If your gas source is propane, then you will need to arrange for the tanks to be filled.

Masonry: Having a one source specialist manage all of your masonry along with your pool is critical.  The elevations of barbecues, fire pits, fire places, decorative walls, ramada columns and other masonry features is critical to the overall function and look of the backyard.  After shotcrete is the time for the construction of the raw masonry for your backyard oasis.

Water Features: Installation of water features, whether rock boulders, copper spillways, or decorative tile and/or stone splashes can also be installed at this time.

Irrigation and Drainage:  Prior to decking it is a good time to ensure there is appropriate sleeving or other accommodations for the coming landscape irrigation, drainage, lighting, sound, and other utilities that the project requires.  Contractors who are not landscape-oriented are likely to forget these crucial items.

Decking: During this stage we will be completing your decking system. Concrete based decking will be formed and poured while alternative decking methods (i.e. pavers, travertine, and artistic pavers) will take a bit longer. Alternative decking methods require a formed border, compaction, and overall, will be more of a labor intensive system which adds a week to the building process based on the amount of square footage.

Masonry Finish Work: At this point and at times, concurrent with the pool tile work it is time to begin to create the lasting beauty of the pool by installing masonry finish products like stacked stone, decorative pots, tile, stone, glass tile, paver caps, stone caps, and other finish products.

Tile: During this phase, we will install all waterline tiles, step tiles, mosaics, and other tile based features.

Carpentry Finish Work: At this point, and occasionally concurrent with the pool tile work, it is time to begin creating the lasting beauty of the pool by installing masonry finish products like stacked stone, decorative pots, tile, stone, glass tile, paver caps, stone caps, and other finish products.

Final Inspection: After cleanup has occurred, we will call into your municipality to schedule the final inspection. All barriers such as fences, gates, gate springs, self-closing doors, etc. will need to be completed prior to this phase. The municipality will sign off on the project as complete and we will then schedule your interior.

Interior Surfaces: After final inspection and municipality sign-off, your interior surface will be installed. Whether you have chosen plaster or Sea Glass Pebble you are only days away from swimming.

Start-Up: Once the pool is filled with water, we will send our Start-Up crew out to do all final fine tuning to your pool to begin functional operation and add the proper chemicals.

Orientation: You will be contacted to schedule an orientation, so you will understand how to care for and operate your new pool. During orientation, you are encouraged to video tape the process of operation and this is a good time to ask questions.  Being an informed and educated pool owner, will allow for an enjoyable pool ownership experience.  We will also leave you with a pole, basket, brush, and test kit.

Landscape Fine Grading and Layout: A well planned project by now will be set up for a successful and trouble free landscape installation.  Typically this starts with a bit of fine grading and location of all major trees, plants, and features. Natural, effective contours to a landscape are as much art as science.

Landscape Irrigation: All irrigation systems, controllers, and valve boxes need to be installed.  CPL standards dictate the same level of connection and leak avoidance that we employ on our pools.  You might be surprised what we find when we are called on to rework existing systems where this attention to detail and adherence to standards is not followed.

Lighting, Misting, Sound, Video:  Underground placement of utilities where they are protected, buried and trouble free is important and should be done right after irrigation.

Masonry, Water Features, Borders and Decks:  Any masonry, water features, decks or walkways not completed with the pool (or if this project does not include a pool) should be constructed and installed now.  Again, we are the recognized leaders in quality design and construction, there is nothing that we do not do well.  We are not practicing on your project, we have 27 years and over 25,000 successful projects to draw experience from.

Planting Excavation:  Proper sized excavation of planted material and then preparation of the soil around each specimen will insure less shock to the live material and more vibrant, healthier plants and trees.

Planting:  It is difficult to discuss planting without also discussing selection of the specimens.  Our vendors know what we demand and do not try to pass off second rate live material.  We routinely reject anything but the best.  Care is then taken to plant and nurture the beginning of every plant and tree’s new home.

Inert Material:  This is when the big pile of decorative gravel shows up and is spread.  Our standards dictate two inch minimum coverage and when we are done installing the gravel it is raked and perfect.

Synthetic or natural grass: Almost done now, we install the best of Arizona grown and harvested sod.  We also offer a complete line of top quality heat resistant artificial grasses and putting green materials.

Landscape Lighting:  Up until now, you have only seen wire looped up in the backyard where your lights go but we finish off your project with top quality traditional or LED lights designed just for the impact and effect you desire.

Instructions and Walk Through:  We do a complete walk through of your project and fine tune every item.  Then we go over complete operating procedures for your irrigation controls.  We also give you full written instructions and links to resources to promote the healthiest environment for your plants.

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