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Commercial Pools

Commercial Pool Avondale

Avondale Pool Contractors specializes in both residential and commercial pools! If you’re looking to build a commercial in, or around Avondale, we can definitely help! Here are some FAQ’s:

How do you usually price commercial pools?
Pool pricing is typically based on a price for a standard sized pool. Pricing can also be affected by the many different design features, materials and equipment installed. Each job site also provides possible variables that can affect the pricing. Let our experienced project managers work with you and help customize the best project for your needs. After each estimate, our customers receive a detailed price proposal and plan specific to their project.

How can we begin planning for a pool?
Our design staff can meet with you at no cost.  If you live in the business where the pool will be built, we will measure the yard, consider how construction equipment can enter the yard, discuss potential equipment location in relation to existing utilities and the pool, and begin to discuss your desires.  This allows us to create a project to match your lifestyle needs, desired look and budget.  If you are building a new facility or office, the pool can be designed from plot plans and a site inspection.  Through early planning, you can often save money and achieve a more integrated final product.

How do I decide which features I would like?
Browse through our extensive galleries or create a design of your very own!  We feel that one of the reasons we have won so many design awards is our ability to listen and hone in on the plan and features that will best serve the client.  In addition, we can develop a color rendering of the pool you and our designer will create.  It will show you of what the pool will look like from your office or from a birds-eye view.

What pumps, filters, cleaners, water features, automatic systems, deck products, interior surfaces, masonry effects and lighting are best?

We feel that our job is to thoroughly explain all the pool features that may interest you. This explanation will include the positive and the negative traits of each product, including costs, how it works, and a recommendation depending upon the needs and desires you have expressed.  We feel that our clients make really great decisions for themselves when complete information is provided.

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